Burgers/Chicken/ Veggie *all specialties can be made with beef, chicken or veggie patty*

Humble Berry

Homemade blackberry jam, house pickled jalapenos and cream cheese. 13


Toasted sourdough bread, 1000 island dressing, Swiss cheese and American cheese. 13


Oh Yeah! Our take on the Reuben. Kraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing. 13

Buff Fry RANCH

Topped with twisted fries covered in house made Buffalo ranch sauce. 12

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese crumbles, bacon and sweet chili sauce. Served on toasted bun. 12

Pesto Burger

Fresh pesto, bacon house dry rub and provolone cheese. 11

Goat Cheese

Bacon, sweet chili sauce and goat cheese crumbles. 11

Spicy Aioli

Cilantro lime aioli, Swiss cheese, bacon and house made pickled jalapenos served on a toasted bun. 12


Pesto, provolone cheese and bacon. 12

Crunch Burger

Pepper jack cheese, spicy garlic wing sauce and Pigskin chips. 13

XXX Burger

It is HOT! No refund! XXX sauce, jalapeƱos and pepper jack cheese. NO Sauce on the side. 13

Sunny Side Burger

Sunny side egg, bacon and cheddar cheese. 13

Cowboy Burger

Bacon, Sweet Heat BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and onion rings. 13

Brew Burger

Beer cheese sauce and bacon. 12

Plain Jane

Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. 11